what happens when you’re living in your future

i’m on my something-th hour of work today, wednesdays through saturdays are fun, generally they’re my doubles, and i can’t say that i mind it all too much. my days consist of mingling with the strangers that enter my home, with patrons that for the most part, have become friendlier than strangers, the fact that i live in a restaurant used to feel so glass half empty, yet the older i get, the more i appreciate it i think. through the years that i’ve spent here, maybe even just sitting, listening, eating – not doing anything at all, i’ve seen so much, heard so much, learned so much. i am super grateful in a way – maybe not to the moon and back, because it is a marriage that both my parents took on, they literally work 24/7 – non stop, all the time. thinking and working and creating. and that might be the one thing i would change about living in a restaurant, if i could of course, maybe one day.. maybe one day.

but anyway, as i’m sitting here, thinking about how many posts i have written, after not writing a while.

generally – it’s an “I’M BACK” post, today, i’m just going with the flow – i missed writing.

and i missed reading as well…. i’ve just reread some posts from 2010 and it’s truly amazing what this blog does for me, it’s like a time capsule of all things annakay

the good and the bad, and i like it, i like it alot.

my life recently has been beyond words amazing. i’m in the best place in my life that i have been to this day, and it’s been like this for almost 10 months. TEN MONTHS. thats almost a year. almost 365 days that i’ve been ear to ear in smiles.. granted some days shit hits the fan a little, but sooner than later my smile is back, thanks to a very very special someone of course.

you’ve already met him through the previous entries i have posted. he is gentle, and warm, and strong, and smart, and funny, and tough and sexy and more and better than a man that i would personally design.┬ánot a minute goes by without him crossing my mind.

life is good.

as of right now, i am managing my family’s restaurant, i am living day by day, no worries.

my degree came in the other day – i’m nervous to touch it, i mean, it’s the most expensive paper that i’ll ever own. pfft. i can’t wait to hear from my grad schools. i’m ready to conquer my classes and get that masters degree. sooner than later. fo’ sho’.


well would ya look at thaaat


i’m 22, done with college, on the hunt for a job in the corporate world, day dreaming about a place of my own

i’m still a brunette, still in love, still changing.


PS; i’m starting a cook book & looking for fabulous recipes.. send me your favorite.. OF ANYTHING!!


sun has risen, looks like a bit of a gloomy day

i’m making moves since 8am, just re-registered for the damn GRE’s – – which i was supposed to take this past September.. and then i chickened out, so that didn’t work out.. but May 1st is the dreadful day, so i’ve got that to look forward to.

i also just applied for like three more intern positions & finally filled out a linkedin account [growing up over here]

next on my agenda is to get out of bed, clean my room till it looks like it belongs in a magazine, and research the crap out of all the schools i hope to enroll in for my master’s program

should be a fun filled afternoon for what i call my “day off”

hopefully i’ll get to relax a little bit later



feels pretty vintagey no?

oh also, i hope he doesn’t yell at me for posting this for the world to see – BUT LOOK AT HOW HANDSOME HE IS!

sei parte di me

when i re-read posts from my past – i realize that my thoughts from even a year ago have changed drastically, however i’m always in this loop of – what’s next?

what if tomorrow never came?

would i be content leaving my name as is?

it seems that the older i get – the more i experience – the less i truly know.

the less i trust my judgement on my own actions – beliefs.

school and work and sleep take up most hours of my life

i can only hope that it will all be worth it in the end – but nothing’s guaranteed.

i’m forced to face my daily unscheduled schedule and ‘hope’ for the best – believe that everything happens for a reason, but struggle with certain issues in my life that i have no control over – of which there are many.

it’s funny how life works. you’ve got to stay busy to stay alive.

it seems that frequently, i’m speeding through – rushing through because i’ve got to do this, i’ve got to do that.

i wonder what things would be like without a worry in the world.

i’m stressing my physics class & procrastinating.

that’s where this is coming from.


i’m complaining, i know i know – but it isn’t ALL that bad – i’ve been more happy than sad recently


random as hell

i have my physics lab due tomorrow, fancy birthday dinner for my brother, american experience key points paper due thursday, industrial psych quiz friday, halloween party on friday and saturday, and maybe monday, theories of personality paper due tuesday, and american experience paper due sometime next week

my life is so crazzzzzaay

i’m procrastinating right now – i really shouldn’t, i know i shouldn’t

i’m like, happy. word. kbyes.



can’t deny the fact that i’ve felt butchered since school started.

i don’t think i’ve ever had so much work expected of me in my life – i’m keeping up, but barely.

between the commute, waking up early, doing work, working, eating – i’ve become so anti social.


BUT i’ve learned to concentrate and get shit done in starbucks – so at least i’m surrounded by people most of the time

today’s agenda includes, but is not limited to:

de tocqueville, federalist no. 10, howl, thoreau – readings & summaries.

completion/write up of my physics lab

serious studying for both physics & theories of personality

i’ve got about six hours for this ish