i’ve been up since about 7:30 – it’s 9am now.

didn’t sleep well at all last night, kept buggin – wakin up for no reason. all of my muscles ache – i want to do nothing but spend my day off in water – hopefully, i will be reunited with a few of my friends today, haven’t seen them in a week or so.. should be a good time.

dudes, last night at work – was amazing, our restaurant was so packed it wasn’t funny, i made some nice cash money, sweat my ass off – hopefully lost a few lbs; and legit, by the end of the night could not feel my legs – or arms, or any other part of my body for that matter – i’m sore this morning, i feel the burn and i haven’t gotten out of bed yet – that should be hella interesting.

anywho, since i’ve been up – i’ve been on my computer – i’ve recently been reading a bunch of my entries from a few months back – and it’s insane how much has happened, its wild how vividly i remember writing just about every post – i think it’s damn cool.

i ran into an artist today, thanks to blaine molloy & his tumblr – – boys & girls, i introduce you to blublu

big bang – big boom


enjoy the sun out there today!


no matter how reassuring words can be, actions do however, speak louder.

it’s been an up and down week, i haven’t done much – but i’ve been left most nights, to feel damn tired – i’m sure it was the weather – it rained just about everyday last week!

today, hot and humid till about 10am – my afternoon’s forecast though, is splendid, we’ve got the sun shootin some rays – just about 0 humidity, and a breeze i could live in.

i’m hangin on my patio right now, we’ve got a few customers – my parents are away for the day with the baby bro – they’re at a surprise birthday party all day!


yo tell me how yesterday i look over at my left wrist, to show my girl the hamsa bracelet i got – and my hamsa was missing -_-

not cool.

but everything happens for a reason right?

alright, so i’m in a mood…

perhaps i’ll get some dessert.

hey by the way

i’m now sitting in my office and well – i’m waiting for some action, people should start coming in soon enough, we’ve got a bunch of reservations for the night; speaking of – i don’t think i’ve ever revealed what my restaurant looks like; cough well, this is it..


but anyway, today in particular we will actually be having a guest for dinner, sure – i’m Polish so this is probably more of a big deal to me, because i actually know who this guy is, but anyway, he’s damn big in Poland – he’s legit like our Bobby Flay, and everyone loves Bobby.. so anyway, this guy came to America, i’m not sure for how long – prob just a week or two, perhaps he’ll film something in the states while he’s here, but tonight – he shall be dining at my restaurant, and basically – just chillin.. let me reveal this kid to you – his name, is Karol Okrasa, feel free to google him, he’s got books – tv shows, he’s pretty legit. i’m just keying you in a little, so basically tonight should be fun..


so that’s him

i’ll let you know how things go down tonight,

peace and love babies; annakay


ohhh the consequences of being a nineteen year old daughter to the owners of a fabulous restaurant; for one thing – it’s my day off, and i’m working.. which is fine, i mean, my parents NEVER get to go out, so i’ll deal – but the fact that i had to get up, get ready, get the menu printing, sign for delivery, and i’m waiting on a local newspaper to send some of it’s people my way, apparently – they got  a call from one of our customers, how great our decor is – which it is, my father decided on buying over 300+ pumpkins to decorate our front parking lot, it looks amazing, i won’t lie – but really, my parents left me to take on the responsibility of meeting with these people – oh and i work all night, i’m on the schedule. but okay, i’m breathing, my parents are out having a good time, the baby is out with them, and the almost 18 year old is at school.

so okay; readyy? i’m hungry – the kitchen just opened, so i ordered myself some food – i’m hungry for a gyro – i feel like i eat them alot, but my chef makes it so yummmy, so i wait about 10-15 minutes and it’s ready



but what would my life be, without an intreruption – so as i snap this picture, to show you what my warm meal looks like, another beer delivery man walks into my office – i of course, had to go downstairs, into the cooler – open the fridge for him, sign his papers, wait till he leaves – by the time i get back, my gyro is cold :( so whatever, i guess i’m used to that. at least my iced tea didn’t get warm ;] hahahaha ; butt anywayyy a plus to this job, is that when i’m not doing stuff – i get to do whatever i would like, therefore, right now, i am drooling over the clothes on the BCBG website ; i have a christening i’m going to in november, and this calls for a new dress! which is greatttttttttt :)

a few of my choices for right now [take a loooksiie]


i was also thinking of maybe even wearing like a cool tunic with leggings, or tight nice pants – with booties, check this baybbee out


i’ll let you know when i buy it ; annakay