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cancun2011 full video.

it’s funny how long it took me to post this puppy – it’s been finished for about a month.. ooooops


ps. i’m very much ready for this summer.

i think i’m gna start a photoproject… not sure yet.. but i think i will – i’ve been inspired.

also: new! i’m saving up the big bucks – it has been decided.. i plan on investing in a living space of my own within the next two years – i’m super excited!

today: i am purchasing my ticket to poland [fingers crossed of course]

&&&&& i’ve decided on my tattoo & am ready to go to a salon to get it done!

… how’s that for a handful?!



growing up, but i don’t wanna

couldn’t have said it better myself.

i’ve been thinking about the concept of growing up, old, and wise – more than ever, i’ve got piles upon piles of work that need to be completed by next week – and i can’t help but procrastinate.

eventhough i’ve got just about a month left till my twenty-first birthday, there’s been an awful lot of talk about it already – i don’t mind it as much as i thought i would.

i always tell people if i could, i’d be seventeen forever – WOMP.. here i am at twenty

for the most part – i still feel seventeen years young.. perhaps i look a bit different though, somedays i may act a little different

tomorrow, rutgersfest

saturday, the premiere of my cancun movie – to be seen by those who i went away with

i’ll decide on whether or not it will be available to the public once we discuss it as a group

monday – i’ve got two crazy projects due, a paper, and an exam – keep your fingers crossed for me.

don’t forget – i’m seventeen going on twenty one.

for now, living the life.