the other day i had a pms all day kinda day. irritating, sweaty, back hurting, stomach aching, ANNOYING kind of day. and after several research tactics – applying my use of bodybuilding.com to the best of my ability, it’s time to seriously kick my ass.

a few months ago, i was all up on a health kick – watched every bite i put in my mouth, went to the gym rather religiously – SIGNED UP FOR A GOLD MEMBERSHIP.. and now, i’m feeling fat and bulky and womp, as much as i love food and hate working out, i’m altering my methods and eating as often and as healthy throughout the day as possible – NO JUNK FOOD. PLEASE NO JUNK FOOD. and just water, all i want is to be consuming H2O instead of the sugary, artificial crud.

i hate this.

but i know for 200+infinity% that i will feel better by the end of this stupid turnout.

i’m gna do it.

flatten my tummy & lose my thighs.

wait and see……

any tips? nutritional? exercises for a lady that has nearly no time for herself? lemme kno!




in the past i’ve generally logged my thoughts on this epic blog site ritually.

my most recent front page included a sheer message of “enjoying reality”

in the meantime – aka these last four months, i have had little to no time to attend social media cravings – and to be honest, its almost as if they weren’t there

check my twitter, facebook, tumblr,

all getting so dull, and they used to be my outlet for my mind.

i now have an outlet that’s real and physical, and i wouldn’t want it any other way


my subscription for my domain name expired yesterday, and until this morning, i was sure that i was not going to renew the damn thing – considering the fact that i no longer really need it

but when telling my best friend about that, she made a statement that woke me up this morning

“it’s like a diary, print it”

and at first, the statement just made sound waves, making no connection to my mind or self about how much i’ve actually shared on this blog

68,764 is the count on my unique visitors

and it may not be a lot considering all the people in the world – BUT these people stumbled onto my diary by whatever chance, and many of them read my thoughts and connected with me

first thing i did this morning was rushed to wordpress to renew my domain


i’m keeping it,

i’m staying.


“pursue your dreams, make goals for yourself, be honest with those around you, be spontaneous, live in the moment, keep on achieving, never give up, pick yourself up when you fall, don’t let anything slip through your fingers and get rid of everything that’s bad for you, and than breathe the sweetest air of being alive”

make it happen [ialeks]


five days without power – my life has practically been in shambles. doing my best to survive without an outlet for my mac – no wireless – no heat – not even luke warm water – it was damn cold.

thanks to our lovely snowstorm, i’ve experienced something i can definitely refer to as a wake up call. simply goes to show just how much we take for granted

as many times as i entered a room and flipped a light switch – got zilch, no power is tough love.

i’m learning a lot about myself recently. comfort level is changing – for the best, i think, thanks to a certain someone

i always perceived myself as a confident person, i was boss.

turns out i’m way more self-conscious than i ever imagined. i’m still not sure what that means, but i don’t doubt the fact that i’ll figure it out sooner than later

i may say this entirely too often but everything happens for a reason.

i wish i had a fast forward button to see how the future unfolds – must be patient though, i’m aware that today’s present is yesterday’s future.

remaining optimistic, & thankful.

random as hell

i have my physics lab due tomorrow, fancy birthday dinner for my brother, american experience key points paper due thursday, industrial psych quiz friday, halloween party on friday and saturday, and maybe monday, theories of personality paper due tuesday, and american experience paper due sometime next week

my life is so crazzzzzaay

i’m procrastinating right now – i really shouldn’t, i know i shouldn’t

i’m like, happy. word. kbyes.


thumbs up.

my mind is in a place it hasn’t been in, in a damn long time – i don’t mind it.

it’s literally craving all the little, wonderful details of life – all of the happy, itty bitty – nonchalant everyday details – small things – that make life so so good.

i’m juiced up on candy and coffee – i’ve been up since 7, so that may be the reason for my strong urge to skip my midterm and go strolling across my campus – or better yet, jump on a train and head towards the city

i’m feeling rather andventurous today

although i’m fully aware of the fact that TODAY i can’t bail on my midterm, i’m looking forward to escaping reality a bit this week – once my exams are over, i plan on indulging in being a free spirit ;p

i have rihanna’s “we fell in love” video on loop – it’s probably played 23 times in the last ten minutes – you catch my drift?

ps – i’m back on facebook – but i found being sucked in again – therefore, a few minutes ago i deleted the app from my mobile, must control my usage

i control facebook – it does not control me.


incase you haven’t noticed – fall is in full effect; colorful leaves and all – i’m seriously wanting a flower.

or a ray of sunshine… something along those lines.

nah’m sayin?

watch this video. and don\’t do drugs.


my last relationship, no doubt, messed my head up – the one before that did as well
this dating game is hard to get good at – i wish there was a ref.
since beginning this new dating scene for myself – i’ve met many wonderful men, however haven’t really clicked as well as i recently have. but i’m taking it one day at a time
today i spent the day at his house – surprised by beautiful weather from mother nature and a picnic atop a hill at a park – we spent the afternoon there, from snacks, to lunch sandwiches, dessert & my favorite sparkling beverage :) it was all really great – my first picnic!
i was reading up on one of my favorite blogger’s site the other day, morning wood – and i came across an entry that made me think – damn
throughout our lives we meet people on a daily basis – some whom we will never see again – others we befriend, love; the experiences we have with these people, more often than not affect us in some way, even if we walk away as strangers
i wonder how many imprints i’ve left – how many good ones – how many bad ones, although i do hope the good outnumber the bad – i guess i can’t really be too sure
i’m going to sleep with T.’s last words in that post:
“I wonder who has imprinted you in their thoughts….I wonder how often they access those thoughts of you… most of all, I wonder do you give them goosebumps?”