the other day i had a pms all day kinda day. irritating, sweaty, back hurting, stomach aching, ANNOYING kind of day. and after several research tactics – applying my use of bodybuilding.com to the best of my ability, it’s time to seriously kick my ass.

a few months ago, i was all up on a health kick – watched every bite i put in my mouth, went to the gym rather religiously – SIGNED UP FOR A GOLD MEMBERSHIP.. and now, i’m feeling fat and bulky and womp, as much as i love food and hate working out, i’m altering my methods and eating as often and as healthy throughout the day as possible – NO JUNK FOOD. PLEASE NO JUNK FOOD. and just water, all i want is to be consuming H2O instead of the sugary, artificial crud.

i hate this.

but i know for 200+infinity% that i will feel better by the end of this stupid turnout.

i’m gna do it.

flatten my tummy & lose my thighs.

wait and see……

any tips? nutritional? exercises for a lady that has nearly no time for herself? lemme kno!


LOVEDROP march2011


Last month the Love Drop Team raised over $13,000 (and 3 iPads!) to help two little boys with autism receive a service dog. They were beyond touched, and we did this in only 1 month – that’s it. Everyone came together and gave a few bucks each to impact one family’s life. If you were a part of it, THANK YOU!  You can check out the final video of us showing up to their house here – it’s pretty cool.

This month we start all over again and rally behind Katie,

a single mom out in Dallas battling not only two brain tumors so far (she’s knocked out one, and currently working on the other), but who’s also dealing with hydrocephalus. We’re teaming up with folks at Blissdom this month to not only bring the community her way, but to make a huge dent in her medical bills.

Want to help?  Here are 3 ways we could use you:

  1. Give $1.00 – This is the best way to help out and join our team at the same time.
  2. Join our blogger network – Blog about our Love Drops each month like I am :) It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps our families). Love Drop will give you all the content you need.
  3. Give a gift or provide a service – Gift cards are always helpful. Places like Target, Safeway, gas stations, etc would definitely help them out.


show a little love

I’m starting AGAIN! yipppppppppie :)

so; my first reaction to having people i know, read my blog – was WTF. and i didn’t want to let it happen. i figured, i wanted to let out everything and anything that was in my head, and the ones surrounding me could NOT know what i was really thinking, but – i decided, its fine. i was scared before, i deleted all my posts, AND i started a new blog, under a different name, ON A DIFFERENT SIIITE; i’m such a coward, i know. but, slowly, i will start posting again, i decided, i really like wordpress, and i really like writing about what happens to me, on a daily basis. i’m maturing into a new person, i will be turning 20 in may, and i need to grow up, let’s make it happen; speaking of – i’ll post some blogs here, from the ‘NEW’ blog site  :)


yay to being back; annakay