the fall season, although has just begun – will soon be over

we’re heading into november fam

– halloween, has come to an end, a successful weekend – plenty of stuff to be talking about for the days, months – years to come

some events, unexplained – many unexpected, a few planned

frequently we do stuff that’s out of character – but thats how we learn, about ourselves and others

sitting at the bar during work with the customer i frequently mention on here, having a discussion on relationships prior to my outing the saturday night of halloween weekend

‘you are now officially “back on the market” ‘

hahaah i love this man, i learn something new from him everyday

friday night, i was dressed up for the restaurant as a referee – saturday night, i decided on the soldier, today – i layed in bed.. recovering from last night

only got a few hours of sleep, but i will be rebooted when the sun rises

we live once – might as well, live it to the fullest

no bullying – no yelling – no anger – no hate

just love



reality doesn’t always throw events our way the way we would want it to

but honestly – don’t take anything for granted

happy halloween

hal10ween #1

my head is pounding. like there’s something in it that’s searching to escape the bone of my skull.

ladies and gentlemen – halloween weekend is officially here – 2010, wild

i’m still not okay with the fact that time zips through so fast

today, the restaurant i work at hosted a halloween party – we had some damn good staff costumes

gypsy, quarterback, cheerleader, fairy, nerd, vampire, soccer player, cruela devil, and myself – a referee

just like last year, we had a psychic come in

and let me tell you – well, i’m mostly telling myself

but the thing is – i was really excited for him

last year he pin pointed a lot of things in my life – stuff that was so true i get goosebumps even thinking about it today

but this year – he made a mess of my thoughts, he reiterated everything i’ve been thinking about, told me stuff that i’m pretty sure you can tell by having a conversation with me – idk, it seemed like there was stuff he didn’t want to tell me – i mean, when he read my tarot cards, i cut them – he said that he had to put a card down – first card of the night, death

well – no, i didn’t up and leave – i almost wish i did though, i asked him about my relationships, he stated everything i already knew – fate took its course

i am now awaiting my artist

tomorrow’s halloween costume – flapper again? i’m just not sure!

my presence is a present

i was describing my halloween costume to one of my favorite customers last night – i mentioned him before, he’s in his early 70s, he comes in just about everyday – and once i told him what i was going to wear, he stops me – laughs and says

“who do you think you are? Mae West?!”

hahahaah first of all, i had no idea who Miss West was – i’m being honest here.. however, he told me about her, i googled her – read up on who she was and what she’s done.. and you know what.. yeah – i am Mae West.

of course – i’m not four foot and from brooklyn.. nor am i promiscuous or an actress

but she had this glow – she was noted to tell her maids to ‘peel a grape for her’

who fucking gets grapes peeled?


i youtubed her.. she’s hilarious – her quotes.. are awesome – everything about her seems so independent. everyone listened to her. she was the IT girl.

i’m super excited for halloween.

letting my guard down – going with the flow.

my body hurts from the running around i did last night at work.

we were super busy, today i’m expecting the same – we’ve got a bunch of big parties coming in