finer than an expensive wine.

as a little girl, i grew up amongst a group of amazing people – you could call us a clique – we call ourselves family, and although most of us are not blood related, the tight-knitness will be strong, through better or worse.

people change, perspectives change, times change, and it’s so hard to keep things as they used to, but who says they have to be as they were?

last night felt really nice, very reassuring to the ideal of my cravings as an adult. it sounds weird, but i have a gut feeling that no matter how often we keep in touch or not – we’ll always pick up where we left off, at least i hope so.


on another note, i’m going away on vacation in SEVEN DAYS! i can’t wait!! i’m so excited! woohoo!


oh NYC


from lounging around the trump building on riverside, dinner at room service, to hobbling over to milk & honey, greenhouse, a few in between, and ending at 230fifth, although not drunk, nor raging from dance music, the cab rides all over nyc were no doubt the highlight of our evening

the celebration of my best friends 22nd birthday went down this weekend, just girls

akeg was reunited, +co.

it was really really nice, no sloppiness, no drama, no hate, just girls having fun.. oh and painfully tall heels – and blisters [but they were worth it]

sunday was a great way to start this week, i used it as my leisure day, enjoyed myself very much, today a full day of school, tomorrow back into the city for my nyu exam, should be interesting


me and one of my girls

cheers to happiness & a great week

it’s been a really really long time.


i’m sitting in starbucks, daydreaming – people watching.. i’m in new jersey but strongly wish i was in new york. my urge for the city seems to be growing every day. it’s so exciting, so different.

my main focus these past few months is school – it’s super time consuming – so much i need to get done. seventeen credits – midterms are approaching.

i feel such a disconnect from my friends. i almost never have time to go out – when i do .. if i do – i’m tired and often unexciting. i’m seriously desiring to drop everything based on responsibility and literally just going with the flow – hanging out.


i’m ready to let my thoughts out – and share them here.

by no means must you read them.



its been a damn long time since i’ve sat down to write out whats inside.

the last few months have been one hell of a ride – ups and downs, twists & turns.

that’s life.

i’ve been super sick this week, experienced a few things i’ve never experienced in my life.

i’m okay.

i really, truly enjoy learning new things about myself & others.

curiosity killed the cat

however, i do wish some things were ‘kinder’ – if that makes sense.

today should have been the first day of my last semester in undergraduate university – unfortunately, due to the damage caused by irene, classes now begin on thursday. i am ritually preparing myself for the gre exam on september 17, doing my best to focus & understand key concepts of the damn standardized test -_-

fingers crossed; we’ll see what happens.

plans for the future include applying to my master’s & phd programs – & getting in! ha… applications are due by january 17, so i’ve still got some time :x

also: i’m done with the search for mister right.

it seems that my search has been long terminated – i am ready to live by no plan.

hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

maybe my plan has been all wrong – get married by 23, 2 kids by 25 – maybe it’s not how it’s supposed to be.

time will tell.

i’m ready for some fun.

who needs a man – when you’ve got men ;]


almost two months ago – an area had been reserved on a campsite located about 45 minutes from my house

with a four mile walk from the car to lot #16, our levels of enthusiasm weren’t exactly soaring – but nonetheless, we were ready for the hike & excited to spend the weekend under the stars

shortcut was found – only a mile and a half hike with our gear to our campground – fabulous find – 40% chance rain, no directions, we started walking the wrong way – turn back – and BAM.

thunder started booming, rain started coming down – before we knew it – we were drenched – socks, pants, underwear – everything soaked.

phone broke.

therefore – we backtracked — being that we walked for over a half hour to only end up by lot 40 [we started at 47]- we were ready to go home.

next on our itinerary – WASHINGTON D.C! – super random

i spent the weekend with my boyfriend & his best friends & we decided to not let our weekend go to waste – a roadtrip was to be enjoyed

with epic fails along the way – memories were made

tons of laughter & post trip yawns

successful would be a great word to describe our three days :)

here’s a sneak peek of us: