happiest girl in the world

and the best boyfriend award goes to…..

dun dun da daaaaaaaaa




ahhh i love him so damn much

six months flew by :) can’t wait to celebrate many more anniversaries with him



“pursue your dreams, make goals for yourself, be honest with those around you, be spontaneous, live in the moment, keep on achieving, never give up, pick yourself up when you fall, don’t let anything slip through your fingers and get rid of everything that’s bad for you, and than breathe the sweetest air of being alive”

make it happen [ialeks]

be careful what you wish for

today i asked my little brother a slightly unusual question

“are you happy with our family or would you like a different one?”

he automatically got this look in his eyes – like, ‘you know i wouldn’t trade you for the world, that’s a silly question’ type of look

i started asking him what makes him happy about our family, he said that he always knows we love him, that we care about him, that we go out of our way to do stuff for him

– this coming from a five year old; i had a huge smile on my face, real quick.

true love, ladies and gentlemen, true love.

i’ve had a horrible few days, getting sick is never on my to do list, yet monday night – the 24hr bug got me real good.. i was miserable – however this morning woke up with a smile on my face :)

accomplished so much today!

wrapped some gifts for some friends that will be coming over tomorrow

there’s a show down the street:

if you’re in the area.. stop by :)

i’m ready and excited for christmas celebrations, i’m super stoked for the new year

a huge high five to newer and better things and tons of wonderful memories.

tomorrow will be a sweet bang to the end of 2010 – hanging out with all those closest to me,

it’s going to be magical :)



jack johnson was amazing

i love my roommate.

slept only 4 hours, but i’m in a good mood

i’m going to wash my car now,

then clean my room,

then have a slumber with my best friend & co.

enjoy your day :)

ps; pics will be up soon.