well would ya look at thaaat


i’m 22, done with college, on the hunt for a job in the corporate world, day dreaming about a place of my own

i’m still a brunette, still in love, still changing.


PS; i’m starting a cook book & looking for fabulous recipes.. send me your favorite.. OF ANYTHING!!


a little over a month till my 22 birthday and i decided to change things up a bit, from juggling between options of caramel, red, or dark brown,  – i settled on a mix of medium brown & red glow…. these difficult decisions regarding my hair color ;]

and i gotta say.. i’m liking it :)


in other news, i’m getting a whole new bedroom set :) almond lacquered, queen sized bed, drawers & lamp tables.. sooo exciting!

plus, found a sweet sushi joint – from a chain which i’ve already had the pleasure of visiting over in morristown, sushi lounge in totowa the other day was faaaabulous


custom made mango mojito & off the menu cucumber cooler ;]


so as my wonderful brother has road tripped his way down our coast of the united states, in precious and heat worthy miami – my spring break is bringing me long work days and a brand new gym membership that has been brought to a halt by angelina and brad on my upper lip – if you know what i’m referring to, keep it to yourself – – if you’re not sure… do yourself a favor and omit that whole segway

march 14 2011 marked my spring break last year – for a vacation of seven days and eight nights i was in a slightly different stance than today

HOWEVER, today, a year later – i don’t mind being home for spring break

i woke up next to my man telling me i’m beautiful even though i currently have an occupant taking up my whole upper lip [brangelina] i got to spend my afternoon with him, and i get to keep seeing him most of this week

yeah yeah, my younger bro is on a trip that he’ll come back bragging about, but i’m excited for this spring break, to bring me money & daily happiness

speaking of daily happiness…today at Bell’s Mansion i enjoyed (for the third time this week) Chicken Murphy, an awesome entree on our special for Saint Parick’s Week!

tenderloins of chicken sauteed with onions, mushrooms, sweet & hot peppers, potatoes, in garlic white wine sauce – – – – pretty much heaven in my mouth