finer than an expensive wine.

as a little girl, i grew up amongst a group of amazing people – you could call us a clique – we call ourselves family, and although most of us are not blood related, the tight-knitness will be strong, through better or worse.

people change, perspectives change, times change, and it’s so hard to keep things as they used to, but who says they have to be as they were?

last night felt really nice, very reassuring to the ideal of my cravings as an adult. it sounds weird, but i have a gut feeling that no matter how often we keep in touch or not – we’ll always pick up where we left off, at least i hope so.


on another note, i’m going away on vacation in SEVEN DAYS! i can’t wait!! i’m so excited! woohoo!


cancun2011 full video.

it’s funny how long it took me to post this puppy – it’s been finished for about a month.. ooooops


ps. i’m very much ready for this summer.

i think i’m gna start a photoproject… not sure yet.. but i think i will – i’ve been inspired.

also: new! i’m saving up the big bucks – it has been decided.. i plan on investing in a living space of my own within the next two years – i’m super excited!

today: i am purchasing my ticket to poland [fingers crossed of course]

&&&&& i’ve decided on my tattoo & am ready to go to a salon to get it done!

… how’s that for a handful?!




Hey guys!  The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month we gave over $6,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, the Kahlen family, who had been going through a financially hard time due to the economy (and whose daughter is currently battling Tuberous Sclerosis). They focused on their love of spending time together, and brought them over 8 pairs of tickets to a whole bunch of local events. It was awesome, and you can watch how it all went down here.

This month we rally behind the Stalnakers – a family who, along with thousands of others along the gulf coast, are still reeling from the effects of the BP oil spill.  Our goal is to get them a reliable used car this month as their previous two have died, and it’s getting harder and harder for them to manage w/ the one they’re currently borrowing. They’ve been giving back to their community since they moved in, and now it’s time for US to help them!
Want to help?  Here are three ways you can participate:
  1. Help them get a car! – Our #1 goal is to give them a reliable used car in decent working order. If you have any leads, discounts, or connections in this area, please email Love Drop and let them know.
  2. Give $1.00 – This money will help get them back on their feet, and relieve some financial burden. Every dollar counts!
  3. Give a gift or service – Gift cards are always helpful. Places like Target, Wal-mart, restaurants, etc would definitely help them out. Services too – especially those you can offer yourselves, or from your company.
Thanks everyone! We’ll let you know how it goes!

living in the moment.

it’s been a week since i’ve been home, after a few days of acute depression, i’m bouncing back.

i’m ready to get back into the groove of school & work – making bank and getting grades i’m proud of, ready to let go of any idea of committing to a relationship, and planning my future.

it’s been difficult to finish off my cancun project, but i promise it’s going to be good once done, i just need time to get in the zone.

finding time to organize my living space has been rough aswell, but i’ll make time to do so

right now, looking to reserve a place for my twenty first birthday, booking a flight to europe, and looking into a study abroad option – graduating a semester early, maybe a semester off to travel.. hmmm i like the sound of that

reality has kicked in. i’m ready for life.

most memorable.

i genuinely believed i would never get the chance to fully experience the notorious college spring break  – i was fabulously surprised this past week, having the time of my life.

cancun was phenomenal – my friends made fun of me for nearly crying once on our way to the resort – the view of the sea itself got to me ha.

partying safe and hard for seven straight days and nights was a goal i intended to achieve – and no worries, i did

during the trip we met many amazing people from jersey, new york, detroit, boston, indiana, minnesota, to australia, ireland, england, brazil

from heart to hearts with strangers – to insiders

from cheers as tits & ass – to never above you, never below you, always beside you

anxiety levels rising due to a stolen wristlet as well as from waking up a homeless man/woman in a romantic waterside hut

accidentally standing someone up – to being stood up

getting stuck in an elevator with 13 others

loving even more, my elephant – with it’s trunk up

i missed home

but now i miss cancun

honesty is the best policy.

a lot has happened in 2010 – many memories i would love to forget – many memories i would love to live over and over again

i like thinking that i do a good job of telling people exactly whats on my mind – but the truth is, i have an incredibly hard time with that.

i generally rely on assumptions – i frequently lock things inside my head and prefer believing that everyone i communicate with understands me, without having to explain myself.

this is something that has been brought to my attention in january of last year, but it didn’t seem to bother me quite as much as it has been these past few months.

i’m working on it.

today i did something, which i find real brave – of myself.

i told someone something that i’ve been meaning to say for a real long time

i plan on doing this more often – but hopefully not on a level as drastic as todays


all i ask for 2011 is love.

the ultimate and real thing to wrap its arms around me and not let me go.

a few shots from last night; hit the pic to check them out.