snow, yes please.

it’s getting pretty chilly out there, with the leaves just about off all of the trees, i’m excited for the first real snowfall.

thanksgiving is just a few days away, i’m really looking forward to that.

& i’m honestly ready for snowball fights and laying in the snow attempting to create the prettiest snow angel EVER.


i still can’t get over how great sat night was; i mean it was great.

but okay, yesterday Рi woke up at 8, showered, got ready for church, arrived at church, prayed during mass, it was dedicated to my grandfather Рone of the ladies from church gave it to us as a gift Рthank you <3 ; after church, i knew i was going to have a wackjob type day. the restaurant was packed, all day Рbut i did have a minute to come upstairs and snap a picture of the view i have outside my window Рyesterday was beautiful ;



i love it ; but yes – yesterday was really busy; i was very tired; i passed out around like 11ish? i woke up not long ago; 7:30? i’m refreshed and ready to start my day :)

now i’m listening to the great ellie goulding ; give her a listen

it’s my brother’s birthday today; annakay