with the fabulous weather we had yesterday, katie decided to leave presents for everyone :) she’s so cute, she left some chalk for the kids,

some toys for doggies,

and flowers for the adults!

i want to be just like her.

i think, everyone should be like her.

check her out


funwell it’s looking chilly outside, the skies are white, it looks as if it’s about to snow, but we don’t want that yet – do we? i mean, i don’t mind, however i know its a bitch to drive in and i know it gets gross after the first two times the fluffy white stuff comes down, so for now – think hard, color your world in the colors of your choice, i ran into this picture the other day, and i really like it. it made me smile, made me warm inside. art is what you make it, so make it your world – make it your life. use your paint brush to whoosh across the street, dab your finger into something and leave your fingerprint on something else.. leave your mark, that’s what we’re here for right?

i almost miss summer; annakay