well would ya look at thaaat


i’m 22, done with college, on the hunt for a job in the corporate world, day dreaming about a place of my own

i’m still a brunette, still in love, still changing.


PS; i’m starting a cook book & looking for fabulous recipes.. send me your favorite.. OF ANYTHING!!



can’t deny the fact that i’ve felt butchered since school started.

i don’t think i’ve ever had so much work expected of me in my life – i’m keeping up, but barely.

between the commute, waking up early, doing work, working, eating – i’ve become so anti social.


BUT i’ve learned to concentrate and get shit done in starbucks – so at least i’m surrounded by people most of the time

today’s agenda includes, but is not limited to:

de tocqueville, federalist no. 10, howl, thoreau – readings & summaries.

completion/write up of my physics lab

serious studying for both physics & theories of personality

i’ve got about six hours for this ish



i don’t know what i’m doing with my life.

i don’t want to be in school.

i don’t know where i want to be.

i’d love to be in nyc.

but that isn’t going to happen.

i’d like to please fast forward 10 years.



son of a bitch.

i got some funny/interesting information today.

i feel damn betrayed. not lying.

but i’m not going to do anything about it,

if one does good, good will have your back.

if that makes sense, i get a pat on the back

— and well, it does to me,

so thank you.

i just painted my nails & toes:

i was totally lied to by the label


fucking assholes.

marketing bitches.


sally hansen isnt a brand i usually go for – it reminds me of old women.

.. like – it’s for old women..

but whatever, i got sucked it – i purchased the five dollar polish

the brush is fairly cool

it’s different

but my nails are still wet, it’s been a good four minutes.

ahhh also!

i haven’t mentioned it on here, but i’m going to a formal tomorrow!

i’ve never been to one, however was invited by my friend adam

so it should be a good time

i’m sure i’ll get some pictures up here from it

for now, i’m gna review my french shit


on account of my ecology exam

ok. my last semester at fdu is coming to an end –

tomorrow – i will be taking my last final – ecology. i’m screwed – i didn’t study at all today – opened the notebook twice. i think i know my shit though; guess we’ll find out once i sit my ass down in the room.

aaah; sweet dreams everyone <3