sun has risen, looks like a bit of a gloomy day

i’m making moves since 8am, just re-registered for the damn GRE’s – – which i was supposed to take this past September.. and then i chickened out, so that didn’t work out.. but May 1st is the dreadful day, so i’ve got that to look forward to.

i also just applied for like three more intern positions & finally filled out a linkedin account [growing up over here]

next on my agenda is to get out of bed, clean my room till it looks like it belongs in a magazine, and research the crap out of all the schools i hope to enroll in for my master’s program

should be a fun filled afternoon for what i call my “day off”

hopefully i’ll get to relax a little bit later



feels pretty vintagey no?

oh also, i hope he doesn’t yell at me for posting this for the world to see – BUT LOOK AT HOW HANDSOME HE IS!


so as my wonderful brother has road tripped his way down our coast of the united states, in precious and heat worthy miami – my spring break is bringing me long work days and a brand new gym membership that has been brought to a halt by angelina and brad on my upper lip – if you know what i’m referring to, keep it to yourself – – if you’re not sure… do yourself a favor and omit that whole segway

march 14 2011 marked my spring break last year – for a vacation of seven days and eight nights i was in a slightly different stance than today

HOWEVER, today, a year later – i don’t mind being home for spring break

i woke up next to my man telling me i’m beautiful even though i currently have an occupant taking up my whole upper lip [brangelina] i got to spend my afternoon with him, and i get to keep seeing him most of this week

yeah yeah, my younger bro is on a trip that he’ll come back bragging about, but i’m excited for this spring break, to bring me money & daily happiness

speaking of daily happiness…today at Bell’s Mansion i enjoyed (for the third time this week) Chicken Murphy, an awesome entree on our special for Saint Parick’s Week!

tenderloins of chicken sauteed with onions, mushrooms, sweet & hot peppers, potatoes, in garlic white wine sauce – – – – pretty much heaven in my mouth

let’s refresh my memory

9:39am this beautiful sunday morning, i am laying in my bed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, rereading posts i’ve written in ’11 – the ones that i’ve left public for right now.. 

yesterday i decided to make many of my entries private, for serious reasons to reset this precious keepsake, to remind myself of who i’ve become over the years, it’s really nice.

today i woke up next to my most handsome man, a genuine gentleman, one who has my heart and is caring for it better than i could have ever realistically imagined.

five months today!


wine & dine later when he comes back from work

for now – time to paint, i have many assignments i need to get to

woke up in the morning

well well well, i just woke up – i’m still at my bests’ house, she has a christening all day with her boyfriend michael, i have mass at church for my grandfather, then i have work all day – i still can’t get over how fun last night was, i woke up to my alarm, shaking, i have practically no voice, i mean, it is 8 am – crazzzzaayy, anywho, i have to jump in the shower soon, and get prettied up! hahah this is me now.

judge me fooooools

judge me fooooools

and well, of course – not to be a creep, but i guess i am, i hopped on myspace this morninnn and found the boy on myspace, you know- this guy > christianhahaha he’s too cuute, i hope he doesn’t yell at me for stealing a few pics off his personal account :x ; lemmme know if anything; but yes – of course, he can’t be single.. and isn’t, he’s got a pretty lucky girl, from what i see anyway, she’s legit pretty; good from them, sucks for me – once again, magda’s bf, mike always makes fun of me, which is cool – but according to him, and i guess i can’t deny it – i’m attracted to older men, yes, men. i like them 22+ i can’t deny it.. hahah mike is always like.. ‘nope he’s not 40 – he’s not your type’ but then again, do i have a type? i mean, i just know i like them tall dark and fucking handsome.. sure i love tattoos – but thats not a MUST have.. but christians sleeve and chest piece are fucking ridic. don’t get the impression that i’m a groupie – think as you please, from interviews, and pictures mcalhaney seems like an ill doooood. i’m fucking around with all this i love him shit, but not really. hahahahaha, anyways – i’m gna go straighten my hair or something.. do yourself a favor, and check out anberlin

for now byyyezers; annakay