spring is in the air!

woke up a bit grumpy, and i know why

i’m on a mission to make myself over

i’ve got every thing i’ve always wanted, i’m extremely happy

big twenty two is approaching, goals:

save money

lose weight

tone my body

eat healthy

get into grad school

move out


adam and i went to breakfast this morning, more like brunch – it was amazing

he’s amazing





so as my wonderful brother has road tripped his way down our coast of the united states, in precious and heat worthy miami – my spring break is bringing me long work days and a brand new gym membership that has been brought to a halt by angelina and brad on my upper lip – if you know what i’m referring to, keep it to yourself – – if you’re not sure… do yourself a favor and omit that whole segway

march 14 2011 marked my spring break last year – for a vacation of seven days and eight nights i was in a slightly different stance than today

HOWEVER, today, a year later – i don’t mind being home for spring break

i woke up next to my man telling me i’m beautiful even though i currently have an occupant taking up my whole upper lip [brangelina] i got to spend my afternoon with him, and i get to keep seeing him most of this week

yeah yeah, my younger bro is on a trip that he’ll come back bragging about, but i’m excited for this spring break, to bring me money & daily happiness

speaking of daily happiness…today at Bell’s Mansion i enjoyed (for the third time this week) Chicken Murphy, an awesome entree on our special for Saint Parick’s Week!

tenderloins of chicken sauteed with onions, mushrooms, sweet & hot peppers, potatoes, in garlic white wine sauce – – – – pretty much heaven in my mouth

let’s refresh my memory

9:39am this beautiful sunday morning, i am laying in my bed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, rereading posts i’ve written in ’11 – the ones that i’ve left public for right now.. 

yesterday i decided to make many of my entries private, for serious reasons to reset this precious keepsake, to remind myself of who i’ve become over the years, it’s really nice.

today i woke up next to my most handsome man, a genuine gentleman, one who has my heart and is caring for it better than i could have ever realistically imagined.

five months today!


wine & dine later when he comes back from work

for now – time to paint, i have many assignments i need to get to



in the past i’ve generally logged my thoughts on this epic blog site ritually.

my most recent front page included a sheer message of “enjoying reality”

in the meantime – aka these last four months, i have had little to no time to attend social media cravings – and to be honest, its almost as if they weren’t there

check my twitter, facebook, tumblr,

all getting so dull, and they used to be my outlet for my mind.

i now have an outlet that’s real and physical, and i wouldn’t want it any other way


my subscription for my domain name expired yesterday, and until this morning, i was sure that i was not going to renew the damn thing – considering the fact that i no longer really need it

but when telling my best friend about that, she made a statement that woke me up this morning

“it’s like a diary, print it”

and at first, the statement just made sound waves, making no connection to my mind or self about how much i’ve actually shared on this blog

68,764 is the count on my unique visitors

and it may not be a lot considering all the people in the world – BUT these people stumbled onto my diary by whatever chance, and many of them read my thoughts and connected with me

first thing i did this morning was rushed to wordpress to renew my domain


i’m keeping it,

i’m staying.


“pursue your dreams, make goals for yourself, be honest with those around you, be spontaneous, live in the moment, keep on achieving, never give up, pick yourself up when you fall, don’t let anything slip through your fingers and get rid of everything that’s bad for you, and than breathe the sweetest air of being alive”

make it happen [ialeks]

random as hell

i have my physics lab due tomorrow, fancy birthday dinner for my brother, american experience key points paper due thursday, industrial psych quiz friday, halloween party on friday and saturday, and maybe monday, theories of personality paper due tuesday, and american experience paper due sometime next week

my life is so crazzzzzaay

i’m procrastinating right now – i really shouldn’t, i know i shouldn’t

i’m like, happy. word. kbyes.