oh NYC


from lounging around the trump building on riverside, dinner at room service, to hobbling over to milk & honey, greenhouse, a few in between, and ending at 230fifth, although not drunk, nor raging from dance music, the cab rides all over nyc were no doubt the highlight of our evening

the celebration of my best friends 22nd birthday went down this weekend, just girls

akeg was reunited, +co.

it was really really nice, no sloppiness, no drama, no hate, just girls having fun.. oh and painfully tall heels – and blisters [but they were worth it]

sunday was a great way to start this week, i used it as my leisure day, enjoyed myself very much, today a full day of school, tomorrow back into the city for my nyu exam, should be interesting


me and one of my girls

cheers to happiness & a great week

spring is in the air!

woke up a bit grumpy, and i know why

i’m on a mission to make myself over

i’ve got every thing i’ve always wanted, i’m extremely happy

big twenty two is approaching, goals:

save money

lose weight

tone my body

eat healthy

get into grad school

move out


adam and i went to breakfast this morning, more like brunch – it was amazing

he’s amazing