my last relationship, no doubt, messed my head up – the one before that did as well
this dating game is hard to get good at – i wish there was a ref.
since beginning this new dating scene for myself – i’ve met many wonderful men, however haven’t really clicked as well as i recently have. but i’m taking it one day at a time
today i spent the day at his house – surprised by beautiful weather from mother nature and a picnic atop a hill at a park – we spent the afternoon there, from snacks, to lunch sandwiches, dessert & my favorite sparkling beverage :) it was all really great – my first picnic!
i was reading up on one of my favorite blogger’s site the other day, morning wood – and i came across an entry that made me think – damn
throughout our lives we meet people on a daily basis – some whom we will never see again – others we befriend, love; the experiences we have with these people, more often than not affect us in some way, even if we walk away as strangers
i wonder how many imprints i’ve left – how many good ones – how many bad ones, although i do hope the good outnumber the bad – i guess i can’t really be too sure
i’m going to sleep with T.’s last words in that post:
“I wonder who has imprinted you in their thoughts….I wonder how often they access those thoughts of you… most of all, I wonder do you give them goosebumps?”

6 thoughts on “goosebumps

  1. A girl like you imprints on everyone she meets… you can simply tell you’re so much more than a terrific smile. Congrats on the new relationship and taking it one day at a time sounds like you’re moving in the right direction….

    As always, you’re terrific… Keep your head up…


    • you’re always showering me with compliments! thank you thank you thank you – i really do hope i’m moving in the right direction – for a while now, i’ve had my guard up – so it’s nice feeling comfortable around someone

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