well, check me out – two posts in one day.


i’m sitting in my bar – aka – tap room – it’s loud in here, but i don’t mind it

i didn’t really have to work tonight, my parents asked me to be da boss lolz

therefore, i played the role of hostess & made sure our customers were happy – it’s 10:20pm & our kitchen is wrapping things up – night went damn well if i do say so myself.

it’s funny, cause i feel like this doesn’t really qualify as me working – i mean, i spent much of this afternoon talking to customers & making sure everything was okay – but i didn’t set tables, serve, clean, organize – nada

i don’t mind it – BUT then again, it’s not exactly like having the night off; nah’meen?!

i wish i could just lay in bed already – just lay, or close my eyes and sleep.

instead, i think i’ll keep sitting at the bar – pretend i don’t know anyone, and order myself a drink.

yeah – i might.

ps. this feels nice.


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