let’s be real.

like a lot.

my mother told me that’s one way to know i’m an adult, drinking coffee – i’m doing my best to keep it at one cup a day BUT i’m currently on my second grande -_-

i have so much work i need to get done my head hurts.

i handed in my application for a research laboratory for my industrial psychology class today – i really hope i get to take part in it – i haven’t done any research yet – and my mind is super fuzzy when in comparison to where i saw myself a few months ago.

i used to want seven kids – to call my own – and i wanted to work with kids, lots of kids

and today, i’m not so sure.

i think i would rather work with employed professionals – or, college students.

i think i’d make a damn good professor – i’m so curious for it, it’s blowing my mind

i’m surprising myself every day.

just not sure where life’s gna take me – i hope it takes me somewhere i enjoy being.


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