its been a damn long time since i’ve sat down to write out whats inside.

the last few months have been one hell of a ride – ups and downs, twists & turns.

that’s life.

i’ve been super sick this week, experienced a few things i’ve never experienced in my life.

i’m okay.

i really, truly enjoy learning new things about myself & others.

curiosity killed the cat

however, i do wish some things were ‘kinder’ – if that makes sense.

today should have been the first day of my last semester in undergraduate university – unfortunately, due to the damage caused by irene, classes now begin on thursday. i am ritually preparing myself for the gre exam on september 17, doing my best to focus & understand key concepts of the damn standardized test -_-

fingers crossed; we’ll see what happens.

plans for the future include applying to my master’s & phd programs – & getting in! ha… applications are due by january 17, so i’ve still got some time :x

also: i’m done with the search for mister right.

it seems that my search has been long terminated – i am ready to live by no plan.

hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

maybe my plan has been all wrong – get married by 23, 2 kids by 25 – maybe it’s not how it’s supposed to be.

time will tell.

i’m ready for some fun.

who needs a man – when you’ve got men ;]


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