almost two months ago – an area had been reserved on a campsite located about 45 minutes from my house

with a four mile walk from the car to lot #16, our levels of enthusiasm weren’t exactly soaring – but nonetheless, we were ready for the hike & excited to spend the weekend under the stars

shortcut was found – only a mile and a half hike with our gear to our campground – fabulous find – 40% chance rain, no directions, we started walking the wrong way – turn back – and BAM.

thunder started booming, rain started coming down – before we knew it – we were drenched – socks, pants, underwear – everything soaked.

phone broke.

therefore – we backtracked — being that we walked for over a half hour to only end up by lot 40 [we started at 47]- we were ready to go home.

next on our itinerary – WASHINGTON D.C! – super random

i spent the weekend with my boyfriend & his best friends & we decided to not let our weekend go to waste – a roadtrip was to be enjoyed

with epic fails along the way – memories were made

tons of laughter & post trip yawns

successful would be a great word to describe our three days :)

here’s a sneak peek of us:


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