rant rant rant BIRTHDAY

only two days after my birthday & i’ve already got a good taste of what being an adult is.

perhaps i expect too much of people – but that’s on me.

my cellphone was raped the night & day of my birthday – it really did make me smile; it’s always nice to hear from people you haven’t talked to in a while – some of them years – & yet they managed to send over a simple wish of a happy birthday – i won’t deny being upset over a handful that i didn’t hear from – but everything happens for a reason.

i wanted as many of my close friends to come by & enjoy the night with me – i did my best to plan in advance – but apparently a little over a month wasn’t enough time. with a novel sent out to reconfirm reservations, attire, and all other details – TWICE – rearranging plans to make it convenient for everyone but myself, seems like no one really read what i wrote anyway.

 i was hoping for an unforgettable, full of happiness & joy – amazing celebration – of my birthday, not that it’s any big deal – but i figured all my closest friends would be there so it was BOUND to be fabulous. i felt like i couldn’t relax – maybe it was my mind set – but i had made it a point that i’d like it for people to be there on time – reservations for 7:30 – i assumed my guests would try and get there a bit early, knowing that appetizers were ready to go when we walk in – i was wrong. i sat at my birthday dinner – at a table for 25 by myself for at least 15 minutes – at which point my best friend walked in – at around 8pm the rest of my party joined us..and my last guests didn’t show up till 9:40 – at which point i had already asked for the check.

i understand everyone has got their own things to worry about – but it thoroughly upset me – and everyone knew it after a few martinis.

hey remember when i invited everyone over to come hang out so that everyone could have a good time? they couldn’t make it – and he couldn’t come – and she had work in the morning…. thank you for telling me at the end of the night rather than at noon when i had changed plans.

it was all a mess. but perhaps i just took it to heart.

i appreciate my friends for coming & i am SUPER thankful for all the gifts. but a lesson has been learned that birthday dinners will no longer be a part of my birthday celebration. i’m never again planning anything in advance. i looked like a fool – high five to that – cause i guess that’s what i am.

on another note – thanks to my two lovebirds, i got to experience the most refreshing martini ever  – & with shots on the house, we were like superstars – i hope my wish comes true.

i just felt super negative & i didn’t like it.

what a way to start off the year! – i guess that’s what i get though for attempting to not be superstitious and make plans for friday the 13th.

BUT it’s over now & i have an amazing summer to look forward to.

lessons learned & it isn’t anything to fuss about – even though i just did… hahaahaha maybe that’s why i already feel better.

i needed to vent & get this out without telling anyone individually – if i know my friends like i think i do – they know this rant is coming.

i love you all very much.

i apologize for being a bitch – if i was


4 thoughts on “rant rant rant BIRTHDAY

  1. Sometimes the best made plans go awry. It could have been worse with no one showing up and even though it didn’t turn out quite as expected it sounds like you had a nice time. Don’t give up on the birthday dinners, next time just prepare for no one to come, which of course will mean that they will all show up!

    • you’re definitely right about the fact that it could have been worse – & all in all – it was nice; i like your idea of assuming that no one will want to celebrate && then show up… hahaha chances are.. that WOULD happen; thanks for this comment! :) we’ll see what happens next year!

  2. First and foremost… happy birthday amazing girl. Secondly… one day you will stop wanting to celebrate this day. I too once looked forward to all of my birthdays to come…and then… I simply felt as though I had too much going on and was adult enough to recognize that in the amazing life I lead, my celebrations come daily….

    I most certainly hope you’re going to have that type of live where you will love life so much to find an adventure daily awaiting you and your zeal to live it…


    • :) thanks man! you could be right – i’m sure i’ll stop wanting to celebrate that one day in my life – & celebrate every day on its own :) i look forward to my future & expect to LOVE it. <3

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