to a brighter tomorrow

you could most definitely say i’m at a loss for words – i’ve been so for a few days now

seems like the smallest of things are bothering me, i’m indecisive, anxious, battling my routine of rushing through my every day

it’s exhausting

perhaps i need to focus on calming down, rebooting

since cancun – i’ve been eating like a wild child, that’s one thing that must change, i’ve also been craving sunshine more than ever, and keeping my fingers crossed that the temperature will rise – although normally, i like it chillier

on another note.. my hair is getting longer

i’m currently uncomfortably tired, therefore i’ll hit the sheets

i’m going to get back into taking care of this website

my 21st birthday is coming up – i’m excited for it

oh ps. the cancun movie is not done yet.

i’m lOADED with school work =/


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