most memorable.

i genuinely believed i would never get the chance to fully experience the notorious college spring break  – i was fabulously surprised this past week, having the time of my life.

cancun was phenomenal – my friends made fun of me for nearly crying once on our way to the resort – the view of the sea itself got to me ha.

partying safe and hard for seven straight days and nights was a goal i intended to achieve – and no worries, i did

during the trip we met many amazing people from jersey, new york, detroit, boston, indiana, minnesota, to australia, ireland, england, brazil

from heart to hearts with strangers – to insiders

from cheers as tits & ass – to never above you, never below you, always beside you

anxiety levels rising due to a stolen wristlet as well as from waking up a homeless man/woman in a romantic waterside hut

accidentally standing someone up – to being stood up

getting stuck in an elevator with 13 others

loving even more, my elephant – with it’s trunk up

i missed home

but now i miss cancun


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