take cover

it’s almost awkward thinking that i started this blog in january of 2009 because i was on the verge of losing my mind.

i’m constantly fighting for pure happiness – i like to think everyone is, to be honest – however, i feel that too often, people are stuck in there daily uneventful rhythms – work, school -sleep, eat, fart, work. i’ve come to realize through my own experience and that of those around me – that those aren’t the things that bring you happiness.

i’ve had extremely active dreams these past few days – however i have also been rather sick – bronchitis is going around, seems like the whole family has got it – so perhaps the dreams were triggered by a fever – nevertheless, the dreams had me thinking – where’d they come from? so unusual.

in my art therapy class today, i had a chance to let loose and create – which i haven’t done in a while – my professor made a point that our daily schedules, as vital as they are in our lives don’t really provide an outlet -yet just about all of last year i have had a few – my studio classes, the blog – and i’m sure i could think of more.

recently though – probably since september, i noticed i’m not my creative self. i rarely blog. i almost never sketch. i took two art  classes last semester and as much as i should have taken advantage – i don’t think i did.

with all of my psychology classes this semester – i’m learning more about the human body, mental illness, and emotional health.

just about all physical pains and aches and mental illnesses are due to emotional instability.

they say that all good things come to an end – but with every end, there’s a new beginning.

i’m extremely excited for springtime and summer – for warm rays of sunshine, laughter and days i can spend lounging around with my friends.

this semester has just begun, yet it is already kicking my ass. i’ve still got my fingers crossed that i will be graduating early & then on to my masters program!

for now, i’m hoping to improve each and everyday with an ounce more of creativity

check the lyrics



7 thoughts on “take cover

    • ba in psychology! hopefully by next spring clinical mental health counseling.. i’m overwhelmed. my schedule this semester is unreal. blaaah hopefully this will get me to where i want to be though :) yay

  1. Hey, I have a question, and I’m not trying to be a dick, but, do you write in lowercase on purpose? If you do, that’s cool, but if you don’t…well, you should just say you do it on purpose. :D

    Awesome post, by the way. I’m working to become a brain doctor in general (psychology, psychiatry, neurology, etc).I can see why it’d be kicking you ass. XD Good luck.

    • hahahaah call me lazy – but to be honest, i simply pay no attention to it. i don’t find it necessary to capitalize in blog entries. just like my paragraphs are not properly spaced out. smiley faces are not ‘grammatically correct’ nor are all of my “-” dashes, or my ‘lols’ ‘hahahaha’s. i type rather quickly and do my best to proofread, but when it comes down to it – i do what i want ;]

      thank you for the compliment though!

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