think about it.

my thirty minute drive home from school is always a nice way to end my weeknights, i tend to get a hell of a lot of reflecting done – both on my actions and the actions of others. ha i almost sound crazy, yet analyzing is what i seem to do best, even when i overanalyze

ironic would be the word of this week – a bunch of stuff occurring coincidentally.

on my way to school this morning, i was stuck in traffic for two hours in an area that usually takes me no more than fifteen minutes to get through – a service truck was turned on it’s driver’s side and against the divider – it looked like it skid from the third lane on the right, all the way to the left. scary. there was another car – pretty much totalled – driving past this gave me goosebumps – and of course, as horrible as it was, i couldn’t help but look, agents investigating, photographers snapping away to get as much evidence about what happened as possible. i’m sure the ambulance was long gone with everyone and anyone in the cars.

life could end any second.

i had my xrays taken today. i’m still in pain – but not as bad as a few days ago – still have the venous doppler on monday. blood work should be in tmrw – i’m hoping i’ll be good. fingers crossed.

my best friend tweeted something a few hours ago which i would like to pass on to everyone:

“everyone should start paying it forward, today. and if you love someone, let them know.”

there’s a song i was listening to on the way home today – and it’s been a favorite of mine since i can remember. it’s in polish, but i want to share the lyrics on here, it’s a dude rapping about how happy he is in the moment – opening wine with his girl – i cut out a few parts, but i think that most of it is on point.

take a look at how fast everything changes, you’ve got something – then it’s gone. a person is only measured by the breaths that he takes, i’d want to know something for sure, yet it makes me uneasy, all i know is that everything changes, you’ve got something – and it’s gone. it’s no hoax, every story has got it’s dilemma, it’s got it’s beginning and end just like a poem. a new topic – it unwinds, then dies. nothing lasts forever – it’s dangerous to believe that it does. the good memories, like photographs, i collect them in my head like in an old closet. and this is how time flies, it never catches up. in each one of us – it stops more than once. i’m opening wine with my girlfriend – i’d love for this time to never end. i’d love to stop time when i look at her. stop the world that wants to steal these moments from us. i’m looking at her now because i’m lucky. i’ve got what everyone else wants. i don’t want to be lonely, you know, i’ve got my girl and i’m drinking wine with her, i’m doing what i know how to do, what i love to do, make love with her. and you know, even if everything disappears tomorrow, it’s alright – maybe it’ll come back. i’d love to press “play” & “stop” like on a boom box. when somethings good, i wanna stay here. i know, i’m a believer therefore i’m a risk taker, but i know this life’s no joke.


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