my faux new year’s resolutions haven’t really been – real, yet.

the no cursing rule hasn’t worked out.

no gym membership, the weekday vegetarian idea is long time gone..


to be perfectly honest, i’m pretty damn happy with myself. i’m an awesome girl.

last year, i was told i’m cats pajamas, i still fit that description.

i’m a young and free spirit, ready to tackle on anything life throws my way

with the holidays nearly behind us – winter break shall be in full effect post this weekend, that’s when it’s all going to change, should be real interesting.

i wish everyone an extraordinarily fantastic and safe new year, may the first of january be as spectacular as every other fresh day in two thousand eleven



2 thoughts on “FRESHFRESHFRESH BRAND NEW. 20eleven

  1. Hi Anna

    Resolutions are not to be tried, failed and given up on. They are decisions that can be made at anytime, any place and we can try and succeed as many times as we can handle. I prefer to call them positive changes, and I have followed you through a few of them already courtesy of your blog.

    We are not always in the right space to make the changes we would like to. I would love to stop swearing, but a habit as such is very hard to break. Instead I am trying to make myself more aware of why I am swearing and when I am doing it and around whom. I realise I do not swear at work, nor around my little sisters, so there must be a sub-concious gate that decides where it is acceptable and where it is not acceptable to curse. If I can find this gate and control hopefully I can banish it once and for all.

    With your diet changes, ensure you have as much knowledge on the subject as possible. Find others doing the same thing, find out how they cope. Learn recipes and find stores selling ingredients and products that will aid your decision. Prepare yourself for changes and they will be much easier.

    My changes this year will be looking after my body. I am going to run more. I am 43 days smokefree, and 3 days sober.
    I am avoiding junk food and looking into the caveman diet. I have goals and I am working TOWARDS them rather than trying to start AT them.

    I truly wish you all the best in doing the same.

    Best wishes from your friend at the bottom of the globe.


    • :) thanks Josh! your comments always mean a lot :):) i’m right up there with you with working towards them. i mean – i’m constantly heading towards change for the better! but i’m sure you’ve noticed that ;p Happy New Year Joshua!

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