what’s next?

it was anticipated for months ahead of time and now with a full tummy and memories of my 2010 christmas, i look forward to the new year

funny how things happen.

a few years ago – prior to the restaurant business, our holidays looked extremely different to how we celebrate these days.. and that’s alright – new traditions have been created to appropriately enjoy our circumstances.

towards the end of november and just about all of december, the gift getting craze is nearly out of control. everyone is preoccupied with purchasing items for friends, family members, and perhaps even strangers – gifts which will hopefully come in handy..

this year, i decided i’d do something different – for all of those closest to me [18] i selected a few pictures of memorable days.. and concocted them in a frame –  this allows them to have something that they can look back on and think ‘that was a good day’


i think it’s always really cool to see who texts you on holidays.. with our technology as advanced as it is, i had messages in about six different virtual mailboxes – messages from all over the world. it’s fairly easy to distinguish the mass chain mail from the heartfelt sincerity – not that there’s anything wrong with chain wishes – cause it’s the thought that counts.


my christmas was fabulous, although i genuinely look forward to the day when i’ll get to enjoy christmas with my family and the man of my dreams.


tonight’s conclusion: i’m unsatisfied with the idea that life isn’t black and white – all of this gray matter and room for personal input isn’t working out. i don’t like it. i want to know every situation i’m in – straight up – wouldn’t that make EVERYTHING simple?

i’ve got a bunch of christmas pictures up, feel free to take a peek : check out the full album!

i hope everyone’s christmas was amazing.



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