future future NOW

with six christmas trees in the house, we just put up our final one – the one that matters

living in a restaurant can be challenging, i mean – it’s not like every other household


i’ll post some pictures later, i’m sure of it..

last night, my momma got three beautiful and elegant sisters to play the violin in our entrance, it was honestly magical – i’m obsessed with this time of year.


last year, i felt that as i’m getting older, the holidays are having less of an impact on me, but this year, i’ve proved that idea wrong – my little bro and i decorated our tree.. singing christmas carols, having a lot of fun, he’s super excited about santa clause – i have a feeling this year is going to be extra special, he’s at the perfect age, the christmas spirit is in the air – officially.


on another note, my cousin [who is so close to me – i literally call her my sister] and i had talked today about her wedding, which is in august – i have found my dress, as the maid of honor, i’m thrilled that the wedding plans are falling into place! i will soon be looking to book a ticket for the summer, to spend in poland with the family :)

check us out with my brother in the 90s ;]


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