all over the place

sitting in one of my classes yesterday, i stopped to think a little bit, and realize – i’m only getting older. now of course, that sounds silly of me, but for the first time in a long time did i actually look around at the faces of my age group – and older, interacting with me – on a daily basis.

as a young girl growing up, i have always imagined that in my twenties, my friends and i would be living a fairytale life – you know, each princess has found her prince, each prince with their own princess, no worries – about anything.

filtering out all of my thoughts, i’m analyzing reality, and understanding – that’s not ever going to happen. i mean, the last three years of my life – more than anything, have i been exposed to my close friends engaging in relationships – breaking up, getting back together – finding new relationships – all of which have used ‘love’ to describe their at the time feelings.

i can’t help but keep thinking about what love means.

i mean, if it’s so pure and great – why do people use it so often, with so many different people.

but maybe thats the catch.

life isn’t black and white – why should love be.. right?

we don’t always get what we want, but that should never mean that we should regret anything in our past – if things aren’t going your way – maybe it’s because you’re in the wrong lane, change things up.

just because the fairytale thing isn’t happening right now – doesn’t mean it won’t.

then again, maybe you have to look at life in a different light, maybe we ARE living that fairytale life – we’re all healthy, we’ve all got eachother, we’re breathing, feeling, we’re all living. maybe that’s all we need.

sometimes maybe all we need is a reminder of how awesome we are, on our own.

perhaps one day we’ll meet our other halves – that will want to spend the rest of their lives with us.

if they don’t – it won’t be the end of the world.


“you say you miss me, you say you care – but i’m done with this bullshit, if you don’t want me, right now, all the time – then you don’t deserve me “one day” – because ‘you know we’ll get back together eventually’. its not fair, you think that you can have me when its convenient for you? you can’t.”

i'm heaven sent,
don't you dare forget.
I am all you've ever wanted.

life’s what you make it.

make it damn good.

” it’s really just a matter of the way you think and how you want everything to be. you can keep regretting all of the mistakes you have done, but it doesn’t change a thing. you can cry a bit, sigh here and there, but you’ve got to realize that life is too short for it to be wasted on your sadness. go out, occupy your minds with enjoyable things, do great things you’ve never done before, have fun, and move on. leave all your fears away. be happy. there’s more to life than heartbreaks and problems. look on the bright side of life, never say there’s no bright side. there is, and it depends on you to believe it yourself, and to live the brighter life. don’t think about your past. whatever has been done shall remain memories. one day, you’ll look back and realize how great life actually is.”


2 thoughts on “all over the place

  1. “i’m heaven sent,
    don’t you dare forget.
    I am all you’ve ever wanted.”

    You would quote Brand New!
    It’s official, I love you! :)

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