25 things about christmas.

1: A photo of you last Christmas.

2: Send a letter to Santa/ what’s on your Christmas list?

aside from silly materialistic goodies – santa knows i’m waiting for the man of my dreams

3: A picture of you in the snow.

4: What 3 things come to mind when you think Christmas.

christmas trees. bright lights. smiles.

5: Favorite Candy Cane Flavor.

awesome starburst flavors

6: Which one of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?

rudolf of course

7: Your Christmas food craving.


8: There is mistletoe hanging above you, who do you wish is under?


9: When do you put up your tree?

beginning of december :) we’ve got like five up already!

10: Who spoiled Santa Claus for you?

i don’t remember

11: Favorite gift received as a child?

i loved them all

12: Your favorite Christmas song.

omgosh i love so many.. ‘have yourself a merry little christmas’, ‘let it snow’, ‘joy to the world’ etc.

13: 5 things you love about Christmas.

the food

the love

the happiness

the gift giving

the snow

14: Share a previous Christmas memory.

hahaha one year, my best friend came over on christmas eve – and i was really curious as to what my gifts were under the tree.. i made her take my gift, hide it in her jacket, hide in my room unwrap the gift – i found out it was a really cool cellphone – i wrapped it back up.. and made her put it back under the tree.. teheheheheheeheh REMEMBER DAAAT?! <3

15: Most annoying this about this time of year?

the snow gets real dirty, real quick

16: Your favorite Christmas tradition.

every year, my family and i attend midnight mass at the church that we used to go to every sunday. i love seeing all of my friends & acquaintances at the mass. the church is beautifully decorated. everyone singing the christmas carols. its my favorite. & opening presents with the fam before midnight mass

17: A photo of you in the holiday spirit.

18: Favorite Starbucks holiday drink.

pumpkin spice anything.

19: Whose gift was the hardest to buy this year?

they were all fairly easy :)

20: All time favorite Christmas present.

everything i have ever received

21: Your favorite Christmas movie.


22: Somewhere you would want to spend Christmas one year.

a cabin in the woods, with a burning fireplace, snowed in

23: How much money do you think you spent Christmas shopping?

so far under 400, not fully done yet.

24: Don’t forget to leave cookies for Santa!. Your picture or Reblog

yeah yeah yeah. i’m santa – i’ll bake myself a yummy batch

25: christmas gifts, received this year

to be determined :)


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