life is fun

gloomy. 7:57am. post turkey.

i’m in bed with a child hood friend.

he just blurted out, ‘life is fun’


in the past years, my family would celebrate thanksgiving at a friends house – we had this rotation thing, so many of us would get together, eat monstrous amounts of food, all we have are good memories from those days – now, its a little bit different, with the restaurant business, we don’t get to take holidays off really – so this year, just about everyone made reservations to the restaurant for dinner :) we all had a really good time.

after dinner – all of the adults left, and more of my childhood friends surprised me, a total of ten of us were up till 3 am – laughing at stupid shit.

life is fun.


it’s not smart of any of us to worry about situations that don’t bring us happiness – because, clearly – they’re not benefitting us


‘i’ve been telling her what she wants to hear’


a little bit of the night – i was the photographer. i love them; i’m really thankful – for them as well as a handful that were not present. LOVE YOUS

appreciate those around you.

give thanks.



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