boy meets girl.

“close your eyes

clear your heart

let it go”


somebody once told me that i deserve the world.


a few months ago a discussion had come up – it seems that relationships don’t last too long in the united states – or in the world for that matter, but i’m searching for what my parents have.

i have standards. i have hope – high hopes for a man stepping up and making me as happy as i make him.

my father would travel the world and back to see my mother for any amount of time, no matter how short, should they ever be separated – and to be honest, that has happened.


i’m stuck in this between world – i know what i want, but i know i can’t have it.

i’ve never been in this situation before and it’s taking a toll on me.

time to step out of the picture, take a better look at what it is exactly making me feel this way – and change it.


never say never

but the clock is ticking.

time to start fresh, because apparently thats the only real option.


sooner surrender


2 thoughts on “boy meets girl.

  1. What to say … we are all searching for someone or something. And there are obstacles / mental + physical. You do your best and keep going. Some cannot endure and will take their life. Others use a variety of chemical anesthetics. While others choose a fantasy world of story books (or movies / games). Each of us has choices to make. Do It!

    • i know what you mean. i have decided to reinforce the positive aspects in my life. i’m pretty much – ‘blowing off’ all of the things i don’t want to think about. it’s all in the mind. i’ll be good.

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