from a long time ago.

i have a wall covered in pictures to the left of me when i’m in bed. just about every morning i wake up and look at them. memories from when i was little – till 2009. pictures of my immediate family, my cousins, my friends, old friends

i love thinking back to specific days in my life.


this year, during the month of my birthday – i finally manned up and decided to hang out with my first valentine. not too many people know about him, but i always always always thought that something would happen with me and him, that he was my prince charming – he had me thinking about him since before the fourth grade, but nothing really ever happened.

during the few times that we got together and actually got to know eachother – we both discovered sides of ourselves, that we didn’t know about. we discussed topics of interest – things i don’t regularly talk about with my regular crowd.

he isn’t the type to attend college, he’s enjoying where he’s at right now, living life in the moment. it’s so funny reflecting about it now – i haven’t talked to him since i last saw him – which was my birthday, he showed up to my birthday dinner, as a surprise, handed me a great gift, and i haven’t talked to him since. his birthday was only twelve days after mine – i didn’t even wish him a happy birthday.

i planned on it – but i forgot, it slipped my mind.

i’m such an asshole. i’m not denying it – but i’m trying to figure it out. why?

what did he do that was so great to leave an imprint in my mind that he was perfect for me – i mean, sure i was in elementary school – but still..

he once bought me a gift for christmas, he mailed it to my home address. a beautiful necklace and bracelet.

i never got him anything.

so good looking, smart, mannered.

and yet – today i am sure, he is not my prince charming.

goes to show – you never know

a tribute, to mrniceguy



aside from that personal note.

87 is about to get big.

i think that i’m currently in a wonderful state of mind.

i’m a month ahead of the game, didn’t take me a month back, i promise.


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