weekend consisted of two ten hour shifts & plans that epically failed to occur, a thicker wallet and a headache

yesterday started off well – ended up in the shithole, for a few reasons, my mood was at an all time low, just felt like nothing could have gone more wrong – although, i am sure, it could have


tomorrow, i plan on finishing up some school work – an overall casual day

i’m not going to stress about anything – this weekend was stressful


those who matter don’t mind – those who mind, don’t matter

you never know a person – NEVER

people will do anything to get ahead, lie – cheat – steal – you get the picture.

although we could take this personally, all we can do is be better than that – let those mother fuckers be

ditch ’em

my respect for you is gone.


i got to see a few of my best friends today, they went out with my brother to paintball

i still smell like his cologne.




3 thoughts on “initial.

  1. I re-discovered a website today that will cheer you up. Always.

    It reminded me of you. Hope you like it. :)

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