i’ve been getting work done recently; with midterms behind me – good grades at my fingertips, i’m planning my future

before the age of ten i wanted to be a singer/songwriter

at twelve, i wanted to be a fashion designer

entering college, i had a seven year plan built for med school on a different continent

today, i am laying everything out, pursuing a career with children, occupational therapy – please

i was really excited for today, i thought i had a meeting about a possible internship – turns out, i jumped the gun, the meeting is for tomorrow tehe

i’ve always been really scared about growing up – i mean, i’ve always been curious about what it would be like, i always say that i’m ready to start doing life, but i would always retreat to saying that i wish i was seventeen again

but technically, all of this time – i’ve been doing life, for the first time – i’m excited to become independent.

cheers to a stable bank account, a future diploma – fingers crossed, acceptance letters to my desired grad school, a sweet apartment – and once again, still waiting on prince charming

with each day that i get through though, i’m feeling more confident.

we’re getting close.

it’s all in the secret.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”




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