i’m feeling really good about myself. i’m not worried about anything.

i’m always big on change, i change every day – change is one thing that is ongoing.

at least for me.

i was really inspired today.

my professor, George Cochrane – maybe mid 30s, married, daughter 8 years young, Fiamma

he’s an artist, he makes art – for about twenty years he’s been a painter, one day it struck him, he wanted to create a graphic novel – so he did it.

now, i’m not into comics – i never have been, i don’t think that before today i’ve held a comic book in my hands, however, i bought my first two comic books today & i’m excited to read them.

he gave us a whole talk about how the reality of reality, is based upon the fact that as individuals – we live this life and truthfully, all that we do – has been done before.

we say we’re unique, but we all go through the same things, experience life, in mostly the same ways

the only real aspect of YOUR life that is DIFFERENT than anyone else’s, is how you tell others of your experiences, it’s how you portray your life, because if you compare a random persons life to your own, you will be astounded by how many parallels you’ll find.

my prof is doing a series of 24 comic books, the title is ‘LONG TIME GONE’, 24 based on every hour of one day. 24 pages to a book – a series of stories, from his life, which he parallels to james joyce’s ulysses and bob dylan

so far, four chapters have been published, he’s been working on this for about three years – already he has had two exhibitions of this graphic novel – i’ve got a feeling, this is the beginning of a great adventure for him

not to take any credit away from my professor – but his daughter, Fiamma, is just as big of a contributor to this project as he is

when i think of a comic book – i think of unrealistic cartoons, faux super heros – non exist, like – a big joke, pretty much

but when he explained to us, his idea of this whole thing – i mean, he’s got it all mapped out, he has a plan which is constantly undergoing revision, but slowly, he’s intertwining his life with the writings of joyce – with reality kicking in from his landlord, i mean – it’s life altogether really

its bizarre how excited i am for him

his mindset is extremely similar to what my mindset was a few months ago – today, i realized that a huge change in my personality had taken place – which, i mean i can understand, but i’m not much of a fan of my recent attitude.


i’m back


i’ll let you know how dope this comic book is once i read it

if you want to do something – do it

you’re in control



2 thoughts on “SPARK!

  1. Really loved this post.

    Also, am I your biggest follower? I feel like I’m on your site three times a day. I promise I’m not a stalker.

    • haahah thank you :) i’m not sure if you’re my biggest follower, i’ve got a lot of people telling me that they’re on my site multiple times a day, i think my roommate probably visits my site the most ;p the visits are greatly appreciated :) glad you enjoy coming here :)!

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