now listening to : matt nathanson – falling apart

in an extremely confused mindset, i’ve thought about where i’m at in this point of my life

as a single, twenty year old female, i have a pretty damn good idea of where i want to see myself in five, ten years

i’m at yet another stage, i didn’t think stages existed

it started with a clear mind – everything was just about right, then a little happiness came my way, comfort, a feeling i’ve never experienced, content – then it went to shits, real quick, slowly recovering, getting better with my mind clearing up, but every now and then i would flashback, i’d get the chills, goosebumps – voice gets shaky, the whole bang, this week, i’ve got this feeling of – flow

i’m rolling with the punches, of course, sometimes i’ll flashback, but when i do – i don’t get sad, i’m happy

i’m excited for the next stage, i’m sure that there’s another one.

serendipity. look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for

one thing you’ll learn throughout life – you can’t believe everything you hear

just because someone tells you they won’t leave you, doesn’t mean they won’t.

a feeling is nothing but what we make it


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