i mentioned in an earlier post that i had been excited about a new book, “stumbling on happiness” – i purchased it, and am reading it, and am absolutely in love – it’s wonderful. i would recommend it to anyone & everyone. BUY IT.

on another note – it’s starting to get chilly, but i love it, scarves and boots and jackets and warmth from a nice cup of coffee


and the leaves, have you seen how pretty they are? especially when the sun is out and about – my favorite.


i’m not really sure of what goes on in the head of a 20-30 year old male, i have been surrounded by quite a few throughout these past few years, and honestly, i’m not impressed.

i don’t care what car you drive, i don’t want to know everything about you during our first conversation – however omission is betrayal, go slow, there is no need to ever be rude, to anyone, i would appreciate it if you didn’t wear the same thing everyday – but please don’t gel your hair or polish your shoes for me, if you are dating a girl – stay away from other females, opening car doors and doors in general is a very nice thing to do, but don’t ever push my chair in, sarcasm is cool – but watch yourself, you should most definitely talk, chances are females want to listen

i’m all over the place with this one, i know – but recently the male sex has been all up in my business, i’ve been doing my best to go with the flow, but i can’t help but read into every damn thing. thats a flaw of mine – i’m working on it.

there’s a reason i don’t go on second dates – i refuse to fake any interest in anyone, it isn’t fair. first dates are tricky, as much as i love them, they tend to backfire, frequently i’ll attempt a first date to see if absolutely anything happens, more often then not – nothing happens. i’ve been on very few second dates, but those were with men who made me feel extraordinary.

“Go to your bosom;

Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know.”



in my latest psychological statistics class, my awesome prof brought something up – he said that he found a death website which calculates approximately how much longer he had to live;

now – of course, these numbers are rather not exact, it is mostly for entertainment purposes, however – i’ve got one question for you:

if someone told you that they knew when and where you would die.. would you want to know?

i sure as hell would – even if they were wrong, maybe it would be enough motivation to fix my train of thought and speed up my actions

i found a website online, simply typed my question into the handy google, ‘when will i die’

here’s what i got folks:

You have 66 years left to live.
You will die in 2076 at age 85.
You are beating the average lifespan for someone your age by 4 years.
To put it another way, you have the health of a 15 year old.
You have lived 22% of your life already.

you know what – i’ll take that.

cheers to tonight – a night i will spend among my precious friends

young the giant – full album – go listen



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