perfect stranger

something fairly unusual happened to me today; a few months ago i noticed that my friend count on facebook was beaming well over 1500 – i scanned through them and decided to delete anyone i truly didn’t know – acquaintances that i simply don’t want to be ‘friends’ with – & people that i simply would not say hi to if i ever saw out in the streets

a familiar name pops up in my facebook chat this afternoon – someone i have never actually had a conversation with – we have no REAL mutual friends, because facebook doesn’t count, however we did attend the same high school, i guess i figured there was no real reason to delete him off fbook – how we became friends on there in the first place is still a mystery.

he brought up one of my status’ and decided it was fair game for him to propose a read – a good one, an excerpt from a book, which i now cannot wait to purchase – – “stumbling on happiness”

i awaited the link curiously and could not wait to start reading. where did this come from?

its crazy, completely out of the blue, and so unexpected – it was exciting, it felt really nice. this last month has been rather crappy, and the words from this text put things in perspective for me.

i don’t know him, this guy that decided it was okay to start a conversation with me, he didn’t even say hi – it was just an automatic thing, like he just had to get it out of his system to pass this book on to me

as retarded as this may sound – my whole ‘everything happens for a reason’ bullshit theory – mindfucks the shit out of me

— i went out to lunch with my bestfriend this afternoon – and i told her about some of the coincidences i have been running into – signs, good signs i guess – and i’m taking this one as another.

a few favorites from the book:



another one of my best friends suggested a movie today – i think of the word all the time – serendipity

i’ve never heard of the movie, but i can’t wait to watch it

“we may live at the fulcrum of reality and illusion, but most of us don’t know our own address”


6 thoughts on “perfect stranger

  1. Oh you MUST watch this film, really! It’s so great and fits perfectly into your “everything-happens-for-a-reason”-thing. I watched it some time ago and it’s really special.
    Your idea of deleting all those people in your facebook list that you don’t know or you wouldn’t say hi to seems funny to me because I had the same a few days ago. In my list on the community “SVZ” (a German one) I have so many people from school that I never talk to or never even have talked to and having those people in my list seems kind of stupid to me. Why should I call them “friends” (even if it’s only online) if this is not what they are. Just to show other people that I do know oh-so-much guys from school? Just because everyone has got so many “friends” there? Isn’t that kind of immature?
    So thanks for this post, it finally made me sorting my list and that’s gonna make me feel much better ;-)
    PS: The guy’s proposing you a book seems a little strange to me, but the books sounds good :-) In case I’ll find the German version I’m gonna get it, too.

    • haha yees it was a little strange, but i like it. i’m very excited to buy the book!
      i think social media is funny because it helps you connect with total strangers, just like yesterday – someone randomly had a conversation with me – changed my life really, maybe you SHOULDN’T delete all strangers from svz – you never know who will one day really befriend you :)

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