today – i went into the city

so many couples i envied, they all looked happy, no worries – at least at the moments that i saw them

on the train, on the way home – the wedding band was by far the most popular accessory.

i can’t wait till the day that the man that sweeps me off my feet – says “I do” and places that ring onto my finger

a simple band

that tells the world – i’m married

and although that can mean a variety of things – i knocked a girl up; we live together; i fell in love; i married for money etc

to the world – to a girl thats waiting on that spark, it says that there is someone out in the world, willing to share their life with you

keep your head up

i’m waiting on prince charming.


One thought on “refreshing

  1. It’s too bad, I just sold 50 acres of land about 1 mile from a nice lake. Most people now want to live in the city and live the fast life. You may have the right idea!
    ps don’t care for the piercing

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