don’t blink – or you’ll miss it.


have you been outside today?!

beautiful, stunning, my favorite :):)

i’m in a wonderful mood.

i’m feeling the way i felt in the beginning of summer

yesterday was fabulous, i needed it.

i played hookie with my best friend – my sister.

spur of the moment, i decided i knew what i wanted to do

tattoos & piercings, please.

i wanted to get my nose pierced, and i most definitely wanted my tattoo..

thing is – where am i going to hide the tattoo.. is it worth getting kicked out of my house?

yeeeeeeeaaah definitely not..

i’ll pursue the tattoo another time.. once i get my own place

however, nose has been pierced!

i’ve contemplated getting it done for a long time now, but i’ve always thought that it might not look good cause i’ve got a big nose, but you know what

i did it anyway

because i wanted it, no regrets

the stud is slightly too big for my liking, but once it heals i’m gna get a smaller piece of bling :)

i’m happy i did it, it looks cute

i let go of a lot yesterday, enjoyed the night at a comedy club in nyc – which to my surprise was bangin’

a bunch of comedians from snl & comedy central

i loled a lot

it started raining like CRAZY while we were on our way back to pennstation

never a dull moment



5 thoughts on “don’t blink – or you’ll miss it.

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  2. I LOVE the nose stud! I was really worried that my piercing would look bad when I first got my nose pierced, but I love it. I loved it a lot more when I got a smaller stud after it healed. Now I’m not willing to take it out for anything!
    Can’t wait for your tattoo!

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