my presence is a present

i was describing my halloween costume to one of my favorite customers last night – i mentioned him before, he’s in his early 70s, he comes in just about everyday – and once i told him what i was going to wear, he stops me – laughs and says

“who do you think you are? Mae West?!”

hahahaah first of all, i had no idea who Miss West was – i’m being honest here.. however, he told me about her, i googled her – read up on who she was and what she’s done.. and you know what.. yeah – i am Mae West.

of course – i’m not four foot and from brooklyn.. nor am i promiscuous or an actress

but she had this glow – she was noted to tell her maids to ‘peel a grape for her’

who fucking gets grapes peeled?


i youtubed her.. she’s hilarious – her quotes.. are awesome – everything about her seems so independent. everyone listened to her. she was the IT girl.

i’m super excited for halloween.

letting my guard down – going with the flow.

my body hurts from the running around i did last night at work.

we were super busy, today i’m expecting the same – we’ve got a bunch of big parties coming in




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