there isn’t a damn thing in this world that you should not pursue.

if you want something – go get it

if there’s something stopping you, weigh it out; pros & cons

sometimes, shit happens – you can’t always have what you want, but do your best to get it, if it doesn’t work for you the first time, let it be – it will come to you; if it’s meant  to.


Life’s weird, one minute you’re completely satisfied with your life, everything is in line – in order,

you meet someone who changes you, highlights all of your assets, makes you love life so much more than

the day before

but then something happens  – – – – – – – – maybe it wasn’t meant to be

life stops for a little bit.

but once you fall, you get back up – no one ever just lays there unless the flow of oxygen has been blocked off and away from the heart

– if you’re breathing.. what more could you honestly possibly want?

ha. well, the reality of it is, breathing unfortunately does not satisfy our needs 100%, but with each day you live, you’re accomplishing something, meeting new people

you never know what will happen

smile every chance you get, be the best you can be

maybe you deserve more, chances are – something better is out there looking for you

keep in mind though – don’t forget the secret [xO]


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