its fascinating to think that five years ago – my mentality was just about one hundred percent different than today’s.

hell – my mentality was different last week, an hour ago.

i’m excited for fall and even winter, i look forward to sweatshirts and leg warmers and boots, the leaves are turning color – it’s like a whole new world, it’s beautiful [my favorite season]

i’m excited for halloween and thanksgiving and christmas, i’m so excited for christmas

indeed, a few months ago i had looked into these future holidays – pictured them differently than now – however i am positive in the fact that they will in reality be better than what i’m assuming at this very moment.

i like change, our lives flash by – if change was not present, we would be boring..

i feel the need to reiterate the fact that i’m changing as a person everyday, with every memory building my personality – my attitude, me

i believe i have found the grad school i would like to attend once i receive my bachelors – it’s slightly under two years away.

i’m looking forward to this weekend!

being that it will be the first sunday in october – we will be celebrating General Pulaski in his yearly NYC parade

i will be walking with the Elizabeth Contingent with my family members and friends – as well as the community of course

i can’t believe it’s been three years since…

with my entourage <3

who i would be without my friends? i wouldn’t be me.


i hope that if you’re not going to be doing anything this sunday, you’ll join me on fifth avenue in new york city – i believe it’s between 23 & 57

parade starts at noon



embrace change man, live life.


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