quote from the movie ‘The Last Kiss’:

“Stop talking about love. Every asshole in the world says he loves somebody.
It means nothing. It still doesn’t mean anything. What you feel only matters to you.
It’s what you DO to the people you say you love, that’s what matters. It’s the only
 thing that counts.”
MARCH 7, 2010
i’m not sure if i ever mentioned this on here, however – my part time job for right now consists of
me serving people the yumminess of my restaurant! i work as a waitress, and today – for whatever reason,
i noticed something, which – isn’t hard to notice, don’t laugh at me. i honestly love it when couples come to my restaurant or even families – or double dates something so simple, as dinner – coming to a foreign building – having to drive over – to eat, to
eat something you didn’t prepare – something you have no control over – you pay, and you eat. the conversations at the dinner table are phenomenal. you know what’s weird? dating. i love it. dinner dates are always interesting to me. what are you going to talk about? what will you order? are you going to be nervous? do you pay?
does he pay? is he going to stare at you chewing with your mouth full? should you order a salad? hahaha fuck that i don’t think i’ve actually ever worried about that. i usually feel comfortable with the guys i go out with however, usually theres no connection – no second date. if i go out on a second date, boy – you’re special. i’ve been on a bunch of them, however, i’m still single. why? i guess it’s because i don’t settle. i might come off as a dick – but usually, the boys ask to go out again, it always interests me, the way a boy acts – when going on a date. because, its a little different than just hanging out – i mean, you have to make moves

and it all matters

are you going to pick the girl up for dinner? do you hold her hand? do you let her sit first? [ps; i think it's lame when guys pull out the chair - if you're a male, don't do that - it gets
awkward.] do you choose the restaurant? does he? should he order for you? do you want him to order for you? i think its funny seeing the reaction of the boys i date, like – personally, i like it when they pick me up i like when they pick what i’m going to eat i like when they pick the restaurant i like when they let me order first i love it when theyre nice to the waiter i like when they pay for me i like when they escort me —– now, this is a first date we’re talking about i don’t always want him to pay for me, if i say i want to pay –
i want him to slightly disapprove,
yet let me have it my way i don’t like it when he’s rude to the waiter i don’t like it when he’s indecisive about what we’re going to be doing i don’t like it when he complains about random shit i’m picky as hell i know that it’s whatever i also find it interesting – what’s there to do after a date? a walk in the park? a walk through the town/city? a movie? sex? i don’t do that do you say goodnight and part ways? i think when you decide to go home, it means you don’t want to spend time with that person –
it means that no matter what the circumstances are – its not worth it. hahahaah i don’t know why i’m writing about this i just think it’s funny sometimes i can’t help but laugh when i go out with boys dates are fun go out on one. enjoy yourself. BEREAL ---
i want to go out on a date. any takers?

hahahaah i'm such a goof



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