one day at a time man, one day at a time.

since school has started, i think it would be fair to say i’ve had more downs than ups, but thats alright. i’m experiencing life on a daily basis, that’s the only way to do it.

– i’m doing my best to smile and laugh at everything possible, it puts me in a better mood.

i have a customer that comes into the restaurant, he’s an older man, he would be a really cool grandpa – he has been coming in for a long while now, we really enjoy his company, and i believe he enjoys ours – he’s always telling me i have the prettiest smile he’s ever seen. that it looks sincere and real, and that i’m always in a good mood.


i mean, i try tehe

i want to go on an adventure, to a place where no one knows me. a calm place, perhaps on the west coast of the united states, i’ve never been. i’d like that a lot, not that i necessarily need to escape – but i do.

just for a few days it would be nice.


5 thoughts on “one day at a time man, one day at a time.

  1. The happiest I’ve ever been was on my roadtrip. There’s so much freedom with being in a place, or places, that nobody knows you. Ever person you make eye contact with is someone you’ve never seen and someone you’ll never see again.
    I’ve never been to the west coast either but I think, for whatever reason, that the west coast will make me happy.

  2. You should totally take that trip. A little moment of “chillaxing” is great every once in a while. Clear your head, have fun! Everyone has their ups and downs, but it’s real good to see that you’re staying positive about everything. I wish more people would be that way – it makes life way more easier. :)

    Also, it’s awesome that you have a customer like that at the restaurant! I remember that during the last days of summer I was hanging around a place my friend used to work at (bar & grill type) and there was an old man coming in almost every day. He used to tell us all sorts of crazy stories from who-knows-how-long-ago. The ones that start off with “Back in my days…” :D
    Makes working a lot more fun, I imagine. :)

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