slightly, artsy.

i woke up in a mood i haven’t felt in a while. i felt energetic, i felt really pretty.

i spent most of the day in the studio today, i have a project due next week – for my 3d class, we’re playing around with wire.. our prof wants something at least 12in.. and i’m not really sure why, but i had a strong urge to build a dragonfly..

i’ll get some better quality pictures soon.. the dragonfly isn’t finished yet.. but i brought it home to show my little bro.. here’s our slight photosesh

my last project:

the quality of the pic is real shitty. but they look really cool.

theyre old cameras that i had lying around.. the project was meant to have us ‘wrap’ something up – changing texture and maybe even meaning..

i chose the cameras.. covered them in mirror pieces & glitter


that was today’s piece.. from my drawing class – charcoal, still life

today felt really good


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