some days, i love my part time job as a waitress – some days, not so much.

last night was busy, which is always a good thing, i was running around doing my best to please my customers – i was in a good mood – smile on my face.

i have been reminiscing a lot recently, flashbacks to my childhood

i had a bunch of tables last night, all of my customers were awesome

ages range from below 5 to over 80, it’s great

one of my favorite things about being a waitress, is the fact that i’m a part of every customers day – the fact that they come to my restaurant and consume the food i bring to their table makes me smile.

i hear so many different stories, it’s funny seeing how people interact with each other

it makes me wonder sometimes though, couple come in – first date? two year anniversary? affair? best friends? siblings?

you never really know.

i frequently engage in slight conversation with my tables, i feel like that is what i like when i go out for dinner

nothing over the top though, no worries


it was my best friends 21st birthday this weekend – i’ve been working on a surprise present for her, therefore i had been digging deep for things from our past.

she’s one girl that i can always count on, she’s always got my back – i’ll always have hers.

the only reason we’re not sisters by blood, is because one mom could not handle us


happiness is not a destination,

it’s a journey.

allow your friends and family, and everyday strangers to be a part of your happiness.


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