we often take daily life for granted.

smile every chance you get, say hello to everyone, kiss your loved ones, let them know they are loved

expect the unexpected

to everyone and anyone who had lost a soul in 9/11, my heart goes out to you.

a day that history will never forget, a day i will never forget

make sure you embrace every second of every day, the worst question you could ask yourself is

‘what if?’

live life.

reminisce, september 11, 2001

never forgotten

i’m taking my own advice.


4 thoughts on “pause.

  1. Yay for you kiddo!
    I am so glad you keep blogging and thinking and caring and loving.
    In life we should always acknowledge the sparkly bits….

    You are very sparkly!

  2. Do you remember where you were when you first heard about it? I was in spanish class in school and our teacher didn’t realize how tragic it was yet so she wouldn’t let us watch it unless it was in spanish.

    • the bell to my second period class rang, i was in the hall way – the door to a science class was open – tv was on, i was on my way from english, in the hallways students were joking around that the japanese had bombed us. i’ll never forget it.

      still get goosebumps.
      up the street from my house, there is a home which is located on a hill – with a full view of the city, [mind you, i live in new jersey]
      everyone had pulled up and watched the second tower collapse. i couldn’t believe my eyes.

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